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6D taping


6D tape is used similarly to kinesio tape. The main difference between those two is that 6D tape has handles which makes it interactive and the therapy is continued at home. Therefore you can maximize treatment results. 6D tape activates lymph circulation, fastens blood circulation, alleviates pain and fastens the recovery process.

6D tape is:

  • water resistant

  • skin friendly

  • breathable

  • usable from 3 to 10 days

  • gentle when removed

  • with handles to manipulate at home

6D tape, 6D teip, 6D teipimine

Using 6D tape:


Using the tape at home is easy. You can shift, pull and rotate the tape in different directions. It is recommended to do that in every 3 to 4 hours, 5-15 minutes each time. You can remove the tape by rolling it off the skin (if needed hold the skin put with your other hand). 


  • tired muscles

  • scars

  • lower back pain

  • tennis/golfers elbow

  • muscle strains

  • headache, neck pain

  • edema

  • boost performance


  • open wounds, not fully recovered scars

  • large birtmarks

  • lower back during the first trimester of pregnancy

  • adhesive allergy

  • skin diseases

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