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Bamboo Massaage

On this side of the world, Bamboo Massage is definitely not so well-known and can be considered as an exotic massage. During Bamboo Massage the therapist uses hands and specially processed bamboo sticks. The sticks are used for gliding, for doing different stretches and for massaging myofascial trigger points. Compared to a regular massage, Bamboo Massage is more intense but at the same time deeply relaxing - a perfect combination!


Bamboo Massage is definitely a strong massage, it relaxes tense muscles, improves sleep quality, helps to clear the mind and releases endorphins. Bamboo Massage is also good for the skin, as it is deeply moisturizing and makes the skin glow. This massage also fits perfectly for athletes.

How the massage is carried out:

The massage is done on a table using bamboo sticks and bamboo massage oil.


It is recommended to drink more water than usual after the massage. This fastens the process of toxins moving out of your body.

bambuse massaaž, bambuspulgad, idamine massaaž, massaaž, lõõgastmine


  • decreased muscle tension and pain

  • fastens metabolism

  • activates lymph circulation

  • increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)

  • increased blood flow

  • increased flexibility

  • stimulates cellular activity and repair

  • deeply nourishes the skin

  • can help to manage stress


  • tumors

  • contagious diseases

  • varicose veins

  • pregnancy (and up to 3 months after giving birth)

  • skin conditions (psoriasis, erysipelas)

  • recent operations

  • diabetes

  • arthritis

  • high blood pressure

  • hyperthyroidism

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