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Kinesio Taping


The creator of the kinesio tape Dr. Kenzo Kase believed that muscles and other problematic tissues can be cured with external support. There was a need for an elastic tape what would support not restrain the function of the muscle. Therefore kinesio tape was created. Kinesio tape activates the self-healing process of the body and restores normal functions. Though the tape was originally used only in medicine and with athletes, nowadays kinesio taping is well known and widely used in many fields.

Kinesio tape qualities:


  • when applied you barely notice it is on

  • the weight and thickness is the same as your skin

  • it does not irritate skin

  • the fabric tape and acrylic glue allow your skin to breathe

  • the tape moves alongside with your skin and allows you to carry out regular movements

  • the tape does not contain any medicine

  • you can wear the tape for several days (usually from 3 to 7 seven days)

  • the tape is waterproof

What kinesio tape does:


  • keeps away muscle fatique

  • helps a weak muscle to work

  • avoids overstretching or contractions

  • prevents muscle cramps

  • reduces pain (headaches as well)

  • reduces inflammation

  • reduces swelling

  • fastens the healing of scar tissue

  • fastens the healing of bruises

  • corrects carriage

  • boost performance

  • helps with issues during pregnancy

kinesioteip, kinesioteipimine, värviline teip, spordivigastus, vigastusest taastumimine
kinesioteip, õla teipimine, spordivigastus, kinesioteipimine



  • ​skin diseases

  • open wounds

  • not fully recovered scars

  • medicine - cortisone

  • drugs that lower blood pressure – they propitiate tender skin

  • lower back during the first trimester of pregnancy 

  • large birthmarks

  • adhesive allergy



After the tape has been applied you should avoid sports and using water for about 30-60 minutes, this is the time for the glue to attach properly. After washing yourself you should not rub the taped area with a towel, just pat. When clothing be careful not to tear the edges of the tape loose. The easiest way to remove the tape is during shower. When you remove it make sure you pull in the way your hair grows.

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