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Classical Massage

Classical Massage, which is also known as Swedish Massage is the most common massage type. It is a combination of different types of movements and tehniques. The goal is to relax tense muscles and calm the nervous system. Classical Massage is relaxing, relieves stress, promotes blood flow, boosts metabolism and cleanses you body from toxins. Depending on the problem, the massage can be done to the whole body or to a certain area.

After the massage it is recommended to rest, drink a lot of water and not strain yourself too much.

klassikaline massaaž, rootsi massaaž, massaaž, massaaž tallinnas, jalamassaaž, sääre krambid


  • muscle tension, sore muscles

  • decrease of joint mobility

  • poor posture

  • tension headaches

  • slow blood and lymph circulation

  • disorders in blood supply

  • slow digestion

  • accumulation of fluids and residue

  • tired and dry skin, wrinkles occurring

  • shortness of breath

  • immune system weakness

  • slight rise of blood pressure

  • trouble sleeping

  • moderate stress, anxiety

  • exhausted from mental work


  • tumor, any kind of tumorous process or suspicion

  • inflammation (fever)

  • severe traumas

  • intoxication

  • brisk heart failure

  • brisk kidney failure

  • brisk liver failure

  • thyroid disease

  • wound infections

  • inflammation of a vein

  • bleeding

  • danger of thrombosis or embolism

  • severe psychological distress (deep depression)

  • too high or low blood pressure

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