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Hot Stone Massage​

For an Estonian, Hot Stone Massage is a mixture of ancient knowledge, where the best cure for pain was a stone heated on a stove. The stone was wrapped in a linen cloth and put exactly onto an aching spot. The difference between a lava stone and a rubble stone is in its heat capacity. As extremely hot frozen lava contains a lot of metals, therefore its heat capacity is much bigger than it is for rubble stone. The stones we use in Hot Stone Massage are natural and hand-picked from nature.

Hot stones relax tense muscles and give a pleasant heating sensation. The heat radiating from the stones soothes tightness in the muscles and relives muscle tension. Overall the massage is calming and relaxing.

Hot Stone Massage is ment for people who have been battling with a stiff back or everyday life is just so stressful, that it is taking a toll on your life quality. It is a relaxing yet an intense massage, which leaves you kind of dizzy afterwards.

How the massage is carried out:


The massage is done on a massage table using massage oil. The massage takes about 60 minutes and afterwards as you feel calm and relaxed, it is recommended to rest. Toxins are activated during the massage and for them to leave you body faster, it is recommended to drink more water or herbal tea than usual.

Laavakivimassaaž, laavakivid, massaaž
laavakivimassaaž, laavakivid, lõõgastav massaaž, massaaž Tallinnas, massaaž


  • stress

  • insomnia

  • muscle and joint pain

  • problems with blood circulation


  • cardiovascular diseases

  • brisk inflammation

  • fever

  • skin wounds

  • a person suffering from apoplexy

  • high blood pressure

  • varicose veins

  • pregnancy

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