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Sports Massage/problem oriented massage

Sports Massage fits perfectly for people who are active in any kind of sport or who just have an active lifestyle. It gives you a boost, prepares you for an active workout and fastens the recovering process.​ Sports Massage is effective for preparing for a competition and good for battling fatigue from training. In generel this massage is problem oriented. 


Sports Massage also fits for people who do physical work or for office workers who have built up tension from sitting for a long time.

For specific problems we use Trigger Point Therapy:

​Trigger Points - sensitive and irritable spots in muscles or in their surrounding fascia. They're caused by metabolic processes in the muscle, which can be inflicted for a couple of reasons, for example severe overexertion, chronic overexertion, cold, trauma, stress, B-C vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalances. This results in radiating pain or functional disturbances. Trigger Point Therapy releases trigger points, restores normal metabolism in the affected area and rids of pain. Which in general restores Your quality of living.

How the massage is carried out:

The massage is done on a massage table using Pino massage cream.


It is recommended to drink more water or tea than usual after the massage. This fastens the process of toxins moving out of your body.

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It is reccommended to avoid any training on the day of the massage (in case of restoring or maintaining Sports Massage). Before a competiton, its is best to take a massage 3-5 days prior the event.


  • brisk heart, kidney and lung failures

  • malignant tumors

  • inflammatory illnesses (fever)

  • contagious diseases

  • varices

  • coagulation disorders


  • decreased muscle tension and pain

  • fastens metabolism

  • activates lymph circulation

  • increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)

  • increased blood flow

  • increased flexibility

  • decreased chance of injury

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