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Old Estonian Massage

Old Estonian Massage is put together from different pieces found from Estonian heritage, considering present-days knowledge and needs, forming a wholesome massage. Even though in the old days massage was done differently in different places, Old Estonian Massage has an unique and a recognizable style with it's own rhythm and effective body management.​ Old Estonian Massage is created to keep your body healthy and in balance, also to relieve physical disorders. Overall the massage is relaxing yet very thorough.​ This massage if very good if you are looking for a deep tissue massage. And it is also really effective after heavy training or an athletic contest.

How the massage is carried out:

Old Estonian Massage is done on a mat wearing light and comfortable clothes. Like this the therapist can easily take different positions and use versatile and effective techniques.


  • brisk heart failure

  • too low or high blood pressure

  • danger of thrombosis or embolism

  • inflammatory sicknesses (fever)

  • festering sores

  • contagious diseases

  • skin and venereal diseases

  • phlebitis

  • bleeding

  • tumors

  • thyroid diseases

  • affective state

  • brisk kidney failure

  • brisk liver failure

  • severe traumas

  • big birthmarks and bruises in the area where massage is carried out


Massage is not suitable after a trauma or an operation.

Vana-Eesti massaaž ehk soonetasumine, vana-eesti massaaž, massaaž matil, lõõgastmine, massaaž


  • slow blood and lymph circulation

  • problems in blood flow (cold feet and hands)

  • dry and tired skin

  • irritated nervous system, stress

  • sleeping disorders

  • tense or aching muscles

  • joints are less mobile

  • difficulties breathing

  • slight decrease in blood pressure

  • slowed down metabolism

  • weak immune system

  • body weakness

  • tension headaches

  • posture problems

  • weariness from mental work

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