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My name is Helis Laan, a masseuse and the founder of Osso Massage.

I found my way to massage out of interest in better health and the mechanisms of the physical body. I have graduated from the Krautman Massage and Health Academy in the field of Estonian Traditional Medicine. In addition to everything else I learned in school, I acquired Old Estonian massage, cupping and honey massage, as well as therapeutic massage. Additionally, I have separately studied Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Classical Massage, Myofascial Lines, Soft Tissue Release Techniques, PIR Techniques, Bamboo Massage, Gua Sha Techinuques, Kinesio Taping, Manual Muscle Testing, and Situation-Based Massage. I have over seven years of work experience and continuously strive for self-improvement. I hold a Level 5 massage therapist certificate.

I welcome everyone who suffers from pain or simply wants to feel better in their own body to come to me.

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Marina Kolotõgina

My name is Marina Kolotygina and I am a masseuse at Osso Massage.


I like the topic of health and well-being, both externally and internally. That's why I studied massage. At the same time, massage is strongly connected to psychology. I have graduated from EMTK, the Estonian Massage and Therapy School. After completing school, I worked independently for a year and a half. Classical massage, which I studied for two and a half years, is my favorite because all other massages we learned in school are based on it. Which are Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, Segmental Massage, and Situation-Based Massage. When dealing with my clients issues, I also use elements from Reflexology, Thai Massage, and On-Site Massage. Even my knowledge of transpersonal psychology helps me do a better job in resolving clients aches and pains . Everything in our body is interconnected—thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Tense areas indicate pain and discomfort. This means that by taking these signals into account, we can work on them.

I hold a Level 5 massage therapist certificate.

I invite those people who wish to understand their body better and those who simply love to relax.

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